After an exhausting review of every entry, Infowars is pleased to announce the finalists of the Make Fun of Hillary, Defend the First Amendment film contest.

We launched the contest back in November to reassert our birth right to free speech after Clinton attempted to censor comedy skits that poked fun at her produced by the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, Calif.

“They threatened me,” club owner Jamie Masada told Judicial Watch. “I have received complains before but never a call like this, threatening to put me out of business if I don’t cut the video.”

In response, we asked you the viewers for the funniest, most outrageous satire and comedy videos making fun of Hillary Clinton.

So, without further ado, here are the Make Fun of Hillary, Defend the First Amendment contest finalists:

Al Parker
Hillary: A Joke That Ain’t Funny

Queen Hillary

Hillary Clinton Supporter Destroys INFOWARS.COM
Adam Green

What do you think of the finalists? Add your comment below!

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