President Trump is FINALLY turning his focus on on-line censorship, and Joe Rogan joins Alex live in studio to discuss what we can do to ensure the continued existence of the free marketplace of ideas.

The president signed an executive order defunding universities which do not respect the First Amendment, which is ironic because, throughout history, universities were the birthplace of new ideas and progressive speech.

The Alex Jones Show:

Infowars’ 50-Hour Save the First Amendment Broadcast: LIVE NOW

Below is the schedule for Infowars’ emergency 50-hour broadcast intended to bring attention to Big Tech censorship in order to save the First Amendment.

Friday, March 22

– 12:00 AM Owen Shroyer

– 12:00 AM Will Johnson

– 1:00 AM SABO

– 6:00 AM Paul Joseph Watson

– 8:00 AM The David Knight Show

– 11:00 AM The Alex Jones Show

– 12:30 PM Gerald Celente

– 2:00 PM Tom Pappert

– 3:00 PM The War Room

– 4:00 PM Martina Markota

– 5:30 PM Harrison Smith

– 6:30 PM Tommy Robinson

– 7:00 PM Millie Weaver

– 7:30 PM Mike Adams

– 10:00 PM Harrison Smith

Saturday, March 23

– 12:00 AM Owen Shroyer

– 12:00 AM Tom Pappert

– 1:00 AM Austin Fletcher (Fleccas Talks)

– 8:00 AM Owen Shroyer

This article will be updated with more guests.

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