Michelle Obama’s campaign to dictate what Americans are allowed to eat has been monumentally unpopular among those affected by her nutritional guidelines. Schools forced to provide approved meals are reporting financial losses, while students complain the food they are receiving is utterly inedible.

Nevertheless, this administration has become known for defending policies denounced by the public — and the first lady continues that tradition Tuesday. According to reports, she has invited a number of Republican officials to the White House in an effort to sell them on her public school lunchroom mandates.

As Western Journalism reported, Republican legislators are pushing for legislation that would allow schools to drop the nutrition program provided they can prove it is costing them money.

Michelle Obama, though, remains defiant. She recently expressed her belief that the federal mandates are effective.

While subjecting public school students to food they describe as insufficient and unappetizing, CNS News recently took a look at what the Obama’s kids eat at the posh Sidwell Friends private school. According to the report, this week’s offerings include meatball subs, ice cream, barbecue chicken wings, and other items that would certainly not be permitted under their mother’s restrictive guidelines.

A Fox affiliate in Kansas City sought reaction to the regulations and, as one mother reported, her young daughter is decidedly opposed.

“The food provided as school lunch is not even edible,” Jaye Anne Isom-Moloski explained. “My 5-year-old isn’t picky and she cries if we accidentally forget to pack her lunch.”

She is far from the only student to express disdain for the new cafeteria offerings. Kids of all ages have been weighing in via social media regarding their opinion of Michelle Obama-approved meals.

Another mother concluded the guidelines have had one unintended benefit. Jennifer Smith-McWhirt said the new regulations serve as a motivation for “us to send actual healthy food from home so our child doesn’t have to eat school lunches.”

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