Modern feminism has morphed into an ideology where all men are portrayed as predators.

Andrew Tate joins Alex to break down the lies used by the left against straight, white, Christian, conservative males.

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An unstable women’s march protester couldn’t explain why he was carrying needles, and sexually assaulted attendees with impunity in front of event police.

Millie & Harrison finish the show by continuing their discussion on the abortion bill that was passed in New York.

Gabe Hoffman, the film producer who is working to expose Hollywood’s pedophilia networks through his documentary film “An Open Secret,” joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down Vanity Fair’s new exposé on proven child predator Bryan Singer and reveal who the hammer will drop on next.

If the outrage culture succeeds in their emotional filled witchhunt to exile Infowars, then Infowars will become victorious.

Harrison Smith describes how the left has lost their mind and compares them to the Puritans.

Robert Barnes, the lawyer for the Covington Catholic High students, has announced lawsuits for those that continue to slander these innocent children.

Alex Jones has been demonized for saying he doesn’t believe the validity of a tragedy, and is blamed for the fallout actions of crazy people who harassed the families invloved.

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