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May 24, 2008

ATLANTA, Ga., May 21 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — M2SYS Technology, an award-winning fingerprint biometrics research and development firm, announced today that it has finalized an agreement with IMCL (Innovative Marijuana Caregiver Logistics), a leading provider of inventory and patient management solutions to the medical marijuana dispensary industry. Through this agreement, IMCL has exclusive rights to integrate the Bio-Plugin(TM) fingerprint solution with its CA-MMPR patient registry product, empowering their clients to more securely control patient access to dispensary products.

M2SYS TechnologyBio-Plugin(TM), a turn-key fingerprint biometrics system, enables companies like IMCL to rapidly add a biometric identification component to their existing applications without the cumbersome requirement of a fingerprint software development kit (SDK). Bio-Plugin(TM) allows integrators to remain focused on their core strengths, establish a new revenue stream, and eliminate the ongoing support headaches commonly associated with a tightly integrated fingerprint software solution.

According to Jess Jessop, CEO of IMCL, “Our customers are in a sector of the healthcare industry where there has to be zero tolerance for identity fraud. We recognized that CA-MMPR, our patient management application, had to incorporate web-based fingerprint biometrics to give our clients the level of identity protection and patient ease-of-use they require. Bio-Plugin from M2SYS Technology was the clear choice. Their fingerprint technology is simply the best and they have made a seamless integration quick and easy. A big plus for us was that their people were extremely responsive and outstanding to work with from the start.”

“IMCL is in a unique industry, where the benefits of integrating biometric identification cannot be overstated,” says Michael Trader, President of M2SYS Technology. “The addition of Bio-Plugin will give them a significant competitive advantage while furnishing their customers with the high-level identity protection they require.”

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