Michael Wolff, author of the bestselling book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” that dominated the news cycle in January, says in a new interview that he’s “barely a journalist,” referring to himself instead as “an observer.”

“I’m not a political journalist. I’m not, frankly, all that much interested in politics,” Wolff said in an interview with Vassar College’s “The Vassar Political Review” published Monday. “I’m a writer. I’m barely a journalist, actually. I am a writer.”

“I am an observer: I investigate nothing,” he added later in the interview. “All I do is look and write what I see and what I hear, and my job — which has nothing to do with truth — is to take what I see and what I hear and write that in a way that readers can come [as close] as possible — as close as I came — to the experience of doing this.”\

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