March 7, 2011

‘FIRE WATER: Australia’s Industrial Fluoridation Disgrace’ (Part 1): A Sapphire Eyes Productions documentary exposing the systematic industrial waste poisoning of Australian drinking water supplies. ***This is an activist film put out for free to make a difference; please support the filmmakers at their site here.


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Produced and directed by Jaya Chela Drolma, researched and written by Daniel Zalec, this is a hard-hitting film that exposes the fraud of mandatory water fluoridation, perpetrated on the Australian people. ‘Fire Water’ proves once and for all that toxic industrial waste is being used to ‘fluoridate’ Australia’s drinking water supplies, forcibly. People and communities across the nation, however, are fighting back harder than ever before as they learn the shocking truth of fluoridation.

‘Fire Water’ is a groundbreaking collation of a wide variety of Australian perspectives on water fluoridation. From politicians, to doctors, to sufferers, this film goes to the heart of the issues — the chemicals, the ethics, the science and the lack of accountability of poisoners. A ‘must see’ film if you care about your health, the health of the environment and the future well-being of your children and grandchildren. Watch it, download it, share it. Get involved! It’s FREE to view at: DISCLAIMER: All views expressed in this documentary and related interviews, are the views of the individuals involved, and may not necessarily represent the views of Sapphire Eyes Productions, its employees, affiliates or associates.



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