Gun sales are soaring once again in the US, with shoppers taking advantage of the holiday season to allay their fears of terrorism and potential gun control measures.

Figures for November show that the FBI carried out some 2.2 million background checks on potential sales of guns.

The figure constitutes a 24 percent increase on figures recorded this time last year, and is the seventh consecutive month to see a record number of checks.

As we previously noted, on Black Friday, a record 185,345 background checks were processed by the FBI.

In October, the FBI carried out 1,976,759 Instant Background Checks.

While the figures do not represent a one to one calculation for gun sales, they are considered a reliable indicator of overall gun sales. Sales between private parties are not subject to background checks.

FBI stats also show that almost 20 million firearms related checks have been carried out in 2015, with one month still to be calculated, the overall figure should surpass 2013’s record of 21,09,273 checks.

Gun sales and concealed carry permit applications in the US have continued to spike in the days following the terror attacks in Paris, and San Bernardino, according to gun store owners.

“Ever since the Paris attacks, we’ve had a lot of customers coming in,” Eric Wallace, manager of Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia told TODAY.

“Buying first guns, buying guns to protect their homes, their families, and themselves.”

“Like any good husband, I asked for the list of Christmas items that you’d like to have and one of the items was a firearm,” gun owner Louis Cole told reporters, adding “Above jewelry was a firearm.”

In addition to the terrorist threat, President Obama has not tried to hide the fact that he intends to introduce gun control legislation via executive fiat. There can be no doubt that this is driving higher gun sales.

Last week, White House communications director Jen Psaki told Bloomberg that within a matter of “weeks, not months” Obama will review recommendations for executive orders provide to him at request by the Department of Justice.

The DOJ continues to work on options to allow Obama skirt around Congress on the issue and effectively counter lawsuits that pro-Second Amendment rights groups have prepared.

According to Psaki, Obama is planning a “range of steps that can be taken as it relates to the people who have access to guns [and] how people gain access to guns,” and that he “will not be satisfied” unless some kind of action is taken on firearms before the end of his term.

In an effort to protect Second Amendment rights, GOP presidential hopeful Rand Paul has introduced legislation intended to block any effort by the incumbent president to enforce gun control by executive action.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and

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