While distributing posters for the Infowars “Obola: Tyranny is the Disease” contest, a Louisiana man captured alarming statements made by a fire department member concerning Ebola preparations.

The man, seen wearing a “Fire Rescue” t-shirt, claimed to work for the Denham Springs Fire Department and revealed they had received training regarding Ebola, had ordered 5 Hazmat suits, and had received a number of body bags.

“They gave us… we just ordered 5 Class A level suits, hazmat suits for Ebola,” the firefighter says to citizen journalist Michael DiBari.

The firefighter proceeds to state that a sizable number of body bags had also been ordered, despite Denham springs having a minimal population of around 10 thousand people.

“So a small town is ordering 300 body bags, 5 hazmat suits,” DiBari clarifies. “Are you being trained?”

“We are being trained,” the firefighter answers.

“How are you feeling all about this?” DiBari asks.

“I hate it,” the firefighter discloses. “It makes me anxious.”

The firefighter also told DiBari he had received a certified letter from the NSA highlighting a “lone wolf” threat from the terror group ISIS. The letter requested department members remove any decals, patches and t-shirts and not show rank, as the Middle East terror group called for members inside the US to attack service members.

The man went on to say he’d never witnessed this scale of preparedness in the past.

“Even for Katrina we didn’t even get [inaudible] like this,” the firefighter says, referring to the 2005 hurricane that tore through Louisiana killing close to 2,000 people and causing over $100 billion in property damage.

The scale of preparations for such a small community like Denham Springs belie the reassurances spewed forth by Obama and his cadre of professional liars at the CDC and WHO, who continue to issue contradictory statements regarding the potential outbreak of the virus. All the while they are stockpiling emergency supplies and issuing instructions to funeral homes.

Just yesterday we highlighted how the National Institutes of Health had issued a solicitation to secure face masks, shoe covers, lab coats and coveralls, claiming they would be used for future animal testing. The solicitation included suspicious wording suggesting an “emergency/disaster event” is imminent.

Last month we also reported on a bulk order for 160,000 Hazmat suits placed by the U.S. State Department through industrial clothing supplier Lakeland Industries, which the company then used as encouragement for protective apparel companies to increase output.

The large orders follow a list of recommendations sent out to funeral homes across the nation last month from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, instructing funeral workers to wear protective gear while handling the bodies of Ebola victims, “as well as warning them not to carry out autopsies or to embalm corpses,” according to Paul Joseph Watson.

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