The Williamson County District Attorney’s Office on Tuesday dropped the first-degree felony charge against a Round Rock teenager facing a possible life sentence for making and selling brownies laced with hash oil.

The felony charges against 19-year-old Jacob Lavoro carried stiff penalties ranging from 5 years to life in prison.

“We don’t want to get bogged down in the distractions,” Williamson County Assistant District Attorney Mark Brunner said, adding his office felt they could have gone forward with the case but did not feel it was worth the time.

During a search of his apartment, police said they found several grinders and pipes, hash oil, marijuana cigarettes, loose marijuana, pot brownies and cookies and a total of $1,675 in cash scattered throughout the apartment. In total authorities found a little less than 145.85 grams of hash oil, 16.02 ounces of marijuana, and 660.69 grams of pot brownies and cookies, according to the police report.

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