Kurt Nimmo
September 1, 2008

Did Muammar Gaddafi fall down and bump his head? He does not seem to be thinking logically — that is logically for a Wall Street banker.

“Speaking during celebrations to mark 39 years in power in Libya’s second city, Benghazi, Col. Gaddafi extolled the virtues of privatization,” reports the BBC. For Muammar, privatization means oil profits should go directly to the people of Libya, not to oil companies and investment bankers. Of course, this turns globalization on its head and no doubt outrages the neoliberals.

For the neolibs, the term privatization means something different than what Gaddafi has in mind. It means the bankers rush in and buy key industries, railroads, banks, highways, schools, hospitals, agriculture, anything and everything worth grabbing. It means further concentration of wealth in the hands of the elite and making the public pay even more for basic necessities. It’s a fire sale on steroids. It’s Reagan’s trickle down economics, only nothing ever trickles down to the serfs.

Neolibs like to say their ideology is driven by maximum market freedom and minimum intervention by the state. Apparently Col. Gaddafi heard the part about the state. “As long as money is administered by a government body, there would be theft and corruption,” he said, coming off a bit like Milton Friedman. For the neolibs, however, laissez-faire doesn’t mean you give money to the people. It means you give it to Wall Street bankers and transnational corporations.

Of course, this was to be expected. Gaddafi has advocated Islamic socialism for decades, that is to say Gaddafi believes the teachings of Muhammad are compatible with principles of equality and the redistribution of wealth, quite the opposite of the neolibs. As well, the Qur’an considers usury a sin, thus making the bankers the devil’s spawn.

It can be argued that the neolibs and their cousins, the neocons, are attempting to get rid of this sort of silly thinking in the Muslim world by way of bunker buster and depleted uranium. For the neocons, there is a large degree of animosity, even downright revulsion and hatred for Muslims and Arabs, something they picked up from the Israelis, especially the Likudniks. For the neolibs, on the other hand, it is not personal, just business.

Ever since Reagan killed Gaddafi’s daughter, Muammar has tried to get along with the Americans. Once bitten, twice shy, as they say. But now he has slipped back into his old socialist ways. It looks like another bombing campaign may be in order, as the neolibs simply can’t wait around for Muammar to kick the bucket, there’s too much oil at stake to do that.

Last time around, the Israelis tricked Reagan into bombing Libya after the La Belle discotheque in Berlin was hit by a terrorist attack and two American servicemen died. As it turns out, the main suspects in the bombing worked for the Mossad and the CIA. As former Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky writes in his book, By Way of Deception, Israel made it appear terrorist orders were being transmitted from the Libyan government to its embassies around the world. Gaddafi and the Libyans are simply no match for the Mossad and the CIA.

Now that Gaddafi is passing out money to the peasants, it is possible something else terrible will happen to the Libyan people. After all, the bankers and the loan sharks on Wall Street don’t take kindly to Arabs passing out their money.

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