A pig’s head, feet, and innards were left on five-foot tall spikes at the site of a proposed mosque in the German city of Erfurt.

Police are investigating the incident after the pig remains were discovered at the building site on Monday, Focus Online reports. The site, which has already been the subject of protests in the area, is the planned home of a new mosque for the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam which routinely faces persecution from other Muslims.

So far, no suspects have been named by the Erfurt police though they have confirmed they have opened a criminal investigation. The pig parts were taken from the site and disposed of by a local company who specialises in the disposal of animal carcases.

The site of the mosque has been under protest before from a group called Bürger für Erfurt or “Citizens of Erfurt” who, along with the anti-mass migration NGO Einprozent, have called for the mosque not to be built. The group set up a 30-foot high wooden cross on the property adjacent to the site in March to protest the construction.

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