Hate to be all “I told you so” about this “Syrian Migrant Crisis” thing and how it could be a trojan horse for ISIS (mainly because ISIS said as much back in January of this year), but guess what? They arrested five Syrian refugees in Honduras with fake passports. Guess where they were travelling to?

No. Not Honduras. Not on their way to grandmother’s house for a big juicy ham dinner, either. Keep guessing…

Honduran police Wednesday said they detained five Syrian men who traveled with fake passports to the Central American country’s capital.

“These citizens will be taken away and will be investigated. We already have confirmation that they had passports that were stolen in Greece,” said Aníbal Baca, a spokesman for Honduras’ Police Investigation Unit.

“We suppose that they were going to illegally travel by land all the way to the United States,” Baca told reporters. He did not provide details on why police believe the group was planning to go to the United States but said that investigators would do more digging in the coming hours to confirm the group’s travel plans.

Right, so when people in America are concerned about how easy it is for people to sneak in to the country claiming to be refugees, and are called Islamophobic for being concerned? This is what their concerned about. We’re concerned people like this are going to try to blow us up in mass suicide like fashion, as was done in Paris. We’re afraid ISIS and terrorists are going to take advantage of our terrible immigration leakage problem, take advantage of our liberals who feel their way through life without pausing to think “Hey, could this be, like, dangerous?” and come into the United States and put a lot of people in danger. Put in danger because of political correctness. Put that on a tombstone.

Five Syrians stopped in Honduras with fake IDs, prove we’re not all paranoid crazies. Told you so. Also, remember, ISIS is totally among the Syrian refugees. We’ve kind of been saying that since the beginning. Go read Europe Welcomes ‘Innocent’ Refugeess…Who Turn Out to be ISIS Jihadists.

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