Michael Temple was leaving a bar in downtown Austin, Texas when he passed a group of six or seven black men on the way to his car and one of the men shouted, “F**k Donald Trump,” before blindsiding Temple with a punch to the ear.

Temple told Austin’s Fox 7 “I didn’t do anything and to have this random, random act of violence against you…like how safe would you feel after that?”

The local Fox outlet buried the Trump comment in paragraph five of their article and ran with the headline “Man says he was victim of hate crime on 6th street,” again leaving out the most interesting part of the story.

Temple was knocked to the ground after the initial punch and was then hit in the back of the head once more before the men ran off.

“I got back to my car, made it home, thank God. That night I couldn’t hear out of my ear at all. The next day I wake up and couldn’t hear out of my ear, so I went to urgent care,” Temple recalled.

Doctors at the emergency room told Temple he suffered a severe concussion.

The Austin Police Department listed the incident as assault with injury, but Temple disagreed, saying, “To me, honestly, I think it’s a hate crime. Why would you say ‘F Donald Trump’ and hit me? If you just hit me and didn’t say anything… but am I associated with Donald Trump because I’m…, like does being white mean you’re associated with Donald Trump? I didn’t vote for him, I don’t stand for anything he believes in.”

The Austin musician has played saxophone for over 30 years and cannot currently play due to his injuries.

“Playing as a musician, not being able to hear out of my right ear and just because of pressure, it’ll be painful for me to play. Like I can’t play at all right now. It’s very frustrating because it’s what I love. It’s my hobby, it’s like my passion and to have that taken away from you, hopefully it’s not permanently. He hit me hard enough to give me a concussion, he could kill somebody else,” said Temple.


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