March 8, 2013

Liberty alert.

During an effort to pass out 10,000 free copies of Alex Jones’ monthly Infowars Magazine at the annual film and interactive media event SXSW held in Austin, Texas, Austin Code Enforcement told Jones his Infowars media team would not be allowed to use city metered parking because their cars have bumper stickers.

A city code enforcement officer told Jones he was sent specifically after a SXSW compliant to make sure the Infowars media team wouldn’t be able to park in downtown Austin. Police arrived and began issuing tickets and threatened to arrest people who did not comply.

Infowars Nightly News reporter Aaron Dykes interviewed other street teams outside the event. All were allowed to hand out material and literature.

“They laughed when they were told the police said we couldn’t hand stuff out,” Alex Jones told “This is unprecedented. It’s a big deal. And that’s why we’ve got to go down there and demonstrate against it at 5:00 o’clock tomorrow.”

“It shows the fake liberal tyranny,” Jones explained, “how they claim to be liberal, but they’re the worst tyrants.”

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