Friday, July 20, 2012

Given the fact that it appears the shooter in the ‘Batman’ massacre had modeled himself on the Bane character in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – these quotes from Alex Jones’ recent review of the movie are particularly pertinent.

“Who is Bane? He’s a symbolic demon, a destroyer, a symbol of the Hegelian dialectic. Order out of chaos.”

“To the conscious mind, these symbols don’t register, but to the subconscious they are clear commands – just like you’re a computer.”

“The power of Hollywood, the power of images to program the mind is not debated and the Pentagon and Madison Avenue know that.”

“When you go into one of these movies and just turn yourself over to it in suspended disbelief, you become a willing victim to have your mind literally programmed in that key fear state.” (Note that many of the victims thought the shooting was actually part of the film, they were still in a state of suspended disbelief).


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