In honor of the filing deadline for IRS tax returns, here’s a special flashback to one of our most powerful interviews with former IRS agent Joe Bannister, whose two-year long investigation led him to the conclusion that most Americans aren’t required to pay federal income taxes.

Banister is the first and thus far only IRS Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent ever to conduct, while serving as a special agent, an investigation into allegations that the IRS illegally administers and enforces the federal income tax.

He respectfully reported the results of his investigation to his IRS superiors, up to and including the IRS Commissioner.

Rather than address the legitimate concerns raised by one of their own distinguished investigators, his IRS superiors suspiciously refused to address the chilling evidence of IRS wrongdoing raised in his report and instead encouraged him to resign from his position.

Observing that IRS management intended to cover up the deceit and illegal conduct alleged in his report, Banister chose to resign from his position so that he could report his findings to the American public.

In effect, Banister had to resign from his position in order to abide by his oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution.

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