Comedian Jim Carrey mocked Muslims in a nearly 30 year old skit that would undoubtedly be unable to air in today’s political climate.

During an episode of the 1990’s sketch comedy show “In Living Color,” Carrey crossed American singing legend Elvis with a follower of Islam to poke fun at the Middle East.

The character, Johnny Abdul, can be seen singing and dancing as a narrator describes the artist’s greatest songs.

“Every amazing hit he’s ever sung is now included in this dual album set,” the narrator says. “Unforgettable hits like ‘You Aint Nothin’ But A Hostage.'”

Other songs include, “Kuwait A Minute Mr. Postman, Stairway To Mecca, Beirut Suede Shoes, Heartbreak Hussein, Pappa’s Got A Brand New Baghdad, I Left My Hand In San Francisco” as well as “Love Me Tender Or Die Slowly.”

The routine is a far cry from Carrey’s current work, which appears to be mostly off-screen criticism of conservative viewpoints.

The Dumb and Dumber actor now devotes much of his time to painting unflattering images of Republican lawmakers and right-leaning figures.

One of Carrey’s latest pieces attacked a young female from Kent State University who opted to pose with a rifle for graduation photos.

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