When residents in an Oakland neighborhood saw one of their fellow neighbors being raided by ICE, they rallied outside the home to protest the arrest.

Demonstrators waved a banner stating, “We love our neighbors.” One woman carried a sign that said, “No person is illegal,” while admitting to reporters she had no idea what agents were up to in the community. Others chalked the sidewalk, writing, “OPD is a disgrace.”

“ICE is not welcome in this country,” one neighbor told KPIX.

As it turns out, however, ICE was not carrying out an immigration raid, but instead claimed they were executing a federal warrant in connection with suspected “human slavery or trafficking.”

“People were seen being taken away from the home, including at least one person covered by a blanket and led to a waiting car by unidentified people in plain clothes,” reported CBS San Francisco.

Oakland Police made it clear at the time that they did not participate in the investigation due to their Sanctuary City status, but did help with traffic control.

During a September 6 town hall, Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick was confronted over the PD’s assistance in the raid. She informed city councilmembers that ICE agents had “said they were coming to Oakland to execute an arrest warrant pertaining to probable cause for human trafficking,” which prompted the chief to offer department assistance.

The August 2017 incident is receiving renewed scrutiny on social media as leftists continue to call for the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement federal agency to be abolished.

Oakland is the same Sanctuary City where Mayor Libby Schaff tipped off illegal aliens that ICE agents would be conducting raids in the community earlier this year. President Donald Trump later publicly dressed down Schaff, calling her actions a “disgrace.”

Editor’s note: Article updated to reflect ICE officials told Oakland police chief raid related to suspected “human slavery or trafficking,” which city councilmembers have disputed. Headline and subhead amended to add “suspected.”

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