An ominous Tweet from Matt Drudge has proven eerily prescient as #NeverTrump RINOs and neocons smell blood in the water around President Trump and begin to abandon ship, while openly revealing their plans to welcome ‘President Mike Pence.’

In April, Drudge tweeted, “Paul Ryan strategy is waiting for Pence to get sworn in as President…”

A new piece from Politico adds weights to Drudge’s warning.

“Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence,” is the headline. “With Trump swamped by self-inflicted scandals, Republicans find solace in the man waiting in the wings.”

“Some conservatives are hinting that Pence looks like a particularly good alternative right now, especially as the Justice Department moves ahead with a special prosecutor for the FBI’s Russia probe,” write the authors. “The pining for Pence is nothing new, however. From Capitol Hill to K Street, the notion that many Republicans prefer Pence to Trump in the Oval Office is perhaps the worst-kept secret in Washington.”

Devout #NeverTrumper Erick Erickson has called for Trump’s resignation due to his “failure to lead.”

“President Trump needs an intervention. Without that, we need his resignation,” he wrote “Republicans who are [reflexively] defending the self-inflicted wounds of this President have no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings.”

It is clear that while the left hates Pence, they would much prefer him to Trump and likely see him as a far less threatening foe, and they are helping to advance the President Pence narrative.

“After the inevitable impeachment of Donald Trump will come President Mike Pence – and it won’t be so bad,” writes The Independent. “Pence, by contrast to Trump, is cautious, conservative and conventional – and plainly ‘one of us’ to the Republican elite.”

“Don’t fear President Pence, liberals. Welcome him,” writes the New Republic. “Some on the left say the vice president would do more damage than Trump. But a post-impeachment Republican Party would erupt in civil war.”

Even the Daily Caller is gently floating the idea that we’ll be “just fine” if Trump is removed and replaced by Pence.

“Republicans in Washington must respond to Trump’s scandals with deliberate, measured caution,” writes David Benkof. “But it can’t hurt to know that if our president does have to go, we’ll be just fine.”

News broke yesterday that Pence had quietly set up a new political action committee of his own – an abnormal move for a vice president, which the media heralded as a maneuver by the vice president to re-position himself ‘as the White House stumbles,’ according to Bloomberg.

If there was ever a time for Trump supporters to dig in their heels and back the man they elected to lead the United States of America – not Mike Pence – that time is now.

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