A very muscular Michelle Obama is standing next to a skinny Barack in this photo posted by the National Enquirer.

This was likely the first time in U.S. history that a first lady had a more muscular physique than a president.

“Stressed-out Michelle Obama went on a wild food binge and packed on a massive 95 pounds — triggering a shocking marriage crisis in the White House,” the Enquirer reported. “Insiders told The National Enquirer that Barack Obama is fed up with her out-of-control appetite and exploding waistline, and has issued an executive order: Diet now, or we’re getting a divorce!”

Yeah, 95 pounds of muscle, more like.

The photo, of course, fueled Internet speculation that Michelle is actually a biological male, a belief shared by the late comedian Joan Rivers.

What is certain, however, is that Michelle is built like a linebacker – and former President Obama is a twig in comparison.

The debate over Michelle O. made headlines once again after a recent video emerged showing her making some manly adjustments to her pants:

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