Big Head DC
June 5th, 2007


During this weekend’s Seattle Folklife Festival, Big Head DC has learned that some attendees began an impromptu protest to alert more people to the allegations that Dick Cheney engaged in an affair with an escort who worked for Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

Arthur T. Murray, an independent scholar who specializes in the area of artificial intelligence (pictured at right), told some attendees that he believes Cheney is among those on the DC Madam’s client list, so Bush administration officials ordered Disney, which owns ABC News, to kill the full story when Brian Ross’ report came out in May.

“Supposedly this man had inside info and decided to help spread the news himself, since a mainstream news org wouldn’t dare touch it,” according to an attendee. “I said most Americans don’t seem too concerned that Bush/Cheney engineer preemptive wars, run torture prisons, illegal detentions, domestic spying, media propaganda, etc., but they WOULD pay attention to news of Cheney employing an illegal sex service.”

But not everyone was convinced. One young man proclaimed, “I’m not saying I like Cheney, I don’t, but he couldn’t do any of those things by himself…”

And the debate goes on.

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