Below is the summary of the action plan read by President Trump which was also originally posted here on Aug. 23, 2018. But please send this article to the White House to remind the president to please stay on course.

Infowars has consulted with top law firms to study the Deep State/Democratic Party’s open announcement of plans to de-platform all conservatives, which will silence their voices ahead of the midterms in what amounts to one of the greatest instances of election meddling ever carried out in the digital age.

Below are just the summary pages of the action plan already sent to President Trump:

Download and share this summary with the White House, your congressional representative – and everyone you know!

The president is already looking at executive actions and other avenues to stop the suppression of speech based on political lines.

To learn more on what’s going on, read the Adams report below which outlines the shadow banning of conservatives among other censorship techniques:

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