Kurt Nimmo
November 15, 2010

Editor’s note: YouTube pulled the video not long after Alex talked about it on his radio show on Monday, November 15.

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A recent post on the FlyerTalk forum, an interactive community that provides up-to-date information on travel-related loyalty reward programs, underscores the fact that the TSA is out of control and the entire operation is an excuse for goons to abuse and humiliate the public.

The post explains what happened to the 18 year old daughter of a pilot as she attempted to go through security in Denver. “As his daughter approached the detector, the TSO working the NoS said on his headset, ‘heads up, got a cutie for you.’ He then confronted the TSA clerk with what he said and that neither of us are going through the NoS. The TSA clerk said you must have misunderstood me.” Both were then subjected to molestation, otherwise known as an intrusive patdown.

The video below was posted in 2009. It shows a TSA goon molesting a three year old girl. The disgusting part is the cavalier attitude on the part of the television news anchors who essentially make excuses for such behavior.

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See the video here. No telling how long before it is pulled down.

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