As many as 50 children died after receiving a second round of the measles vaccine last September, resulting in the termination of a major United Nations inoculation campaign in Syria.

The children, all of which were under two years of age, began exhibiting extreme symptoms of severe allergic shock less than one hour after receiving the shot.

“UNICEF and WHO have been shocked and saddened to learn of the deaths of at least 15 young children in Idlib, Syria,” a statement from the group said. “The deaths of the children occurred in areas where a measles immunization campaign had been under way.”

According to Abdullah Ajaj, a doctor involved with the campaign, the bodies of affected children began swelling until they suffocated.

“There was shouting and screaming, it was hard for the parents. You get your child vaccinated and then you find your child dying, it’s very hard,” Ajaj told the Telegraph.

In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, officials and those on the ground scrambled to point fingers.

An investigation by the Syrian National Coalition, a group aligned with the “Syrian rebels,” said the children were accidentally given a muscle relaxant because it was held in a similar looking vial as the solution used to dilute the measles vaccines.

Other “Western-backed opposition” groups claimed that pro-Assad agents secretly spiked the vaccines with cyanide, although doctors were able to quickly debunk the story.

Medical experts working with the campaign instead stated that the vaccines were contaminated while parents asserted that the vaccines had been long expired as well.

While no one questions the validity of vaccine science, the trumpeted claim that there is absolutely no danger or chance of adverse reaction whatsoever is patently false.

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