The establishment media is now diligently building a case against Russia in the downing of MH17 over eastern Ukraine.

All aspects of the tragedy serve the politically charged accusatory narrative as the financial elite position the United States and a reluctant European Union for confrontation with a nuclear armed Russia.

Here is a Twitter sampling of the propaganda war shaping up:

Russia is already convicted of this crime or accident despite a lack of evidence or a formal investigation. The latter is blamed on the separatists who are reluctant to admit foreigners to the crash site in eastern Ukraine and for an obvious reason that is ignored by the establishment media – the regime in Ukraine has invaded the region, considers the people there opposed to them terrorists, and is engaged in targeting and ethnically cleansing civilians. Mistrust and paranoia during war is a standard operating procedure.

But for the Mockingbird media reading from its national security state script the behavior at the crash site is attributable to Russian intransigence and thuggish insensitivity on the part of the separatists.

Note: Sen. Chris Murphy and neocon Sen. John McCain were instrumental in the U.S. effort to install the current regime engaged in war crimes in eastern Ukraine.

False Flag War in Ukraine

Andrew McKillop, a former technology expert for the European Commission and the United Nations, writes for Market Oracle that “violent and bizarre” false flag war is currently being waged in Ukraine.

“As we know, today, the US political stance on the Ukrainian civil war is of outright hostility towards Russia and the pro-Russian rebels, called ‘terrorists’, of eastern Ukraine who seek independence from Kiev and do not recognize the Kiev government,” he writes.

While there is no certainty the pro-Russian rebels hold advanced SAM air defense weapons, they are certainly in the hands of the Kiev flash mob government, alongside the advanced AAM weapons they also “inherited” from the elected government they overthrew. The onus of military proof is stacked against the Kiev, leaving only the question of political motive or motives for the incident.

The motive for this cynical and criminal act – destroying a civil jetliner – underscores the role of “false flags” to rouse and manipulate public opinion in the supposedly “neutral” US and the EU28 countries. Drawing their political leaderships into the next – international – phase of the Ukrainian civil war is “logical” for the Kiev flash mob government given its lack of success, either military or political, in obtaining full control of separatist regions in eastern Ukraine. Cynically destroying a large civil airliner and killing nearly 300 people is, to be sure, “war logic” but as the 1915 Lusitania incident showed, these incidents can spark a one-way process to all-out international war.

Because The New York Times, Washington Post, McClatchy, Gannett, MSNBC-CNN-Fox News et al are closely reading from their Pentagon and establishment think tank scripts they are ignoring or are possibly even unaware of the “one-way process to all-out international war.”

For the financial elite international war is merely a corrective. In addition to providing a base for economic and political consolidation, a full-blown world war will result in a new economic system to replace the faltering and increasingly challenged Breton-Woods monetary order instituted after a Federal Reserve engineered depression leading into a catastrophic world war (total cost: 80 million dead people, or 2.5% of world population).

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