April 2, 2014

Justice Kennedy joined the Supreme Court decision on District of Columbia v. Heller on June 26, 2008.
FSA continues to actively OPPOSE this legislation and your right to bear arms.
Yesterday, Tuesday, 4/1/2014, SB-296 by Senator Jeff Brandes was heard in the Senate Military & Veterans Affairs Committee and PASSED by a vote of 5-4.

SB-296 is the Senate version of HB-209 that was under attack by the Florida Sheriffs Association in the House Judiciary Committee (passed 17-1) last week and continued to be under attack in the Senate.

SB-296 Firearms/Mandatory Evacuations is a bill to allow law-abiding citizens to take their firearms with them when they are complying with a mandatory evacuation order under a declared state of emergency. This bill will keep law-abiding citizens from being arrested and having their firearms confiscated for taking their firearms with them when they evacuate.

The Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA), while proclaiming their support for the Second Amendment, continues to actively OPPOSE this legislation and your right to bear arms.

This bill, has had overwhelming support in the House but was stuck in this Senate committee because of the actions of FSA. Members of this committee are comprised of 5 Republicans and 4 Democrats. Republican Senator Charlie Dean is a former sheriff and made it clear he would never support this bill.

Fortunately, following the lead of numerous Democrats in the House, Democrat Senator Joe Abruzzo voted in support of the bill and offset Senator Dean.

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