It is now illegal for children to play outdoors.

A Florida woman discovered this recently when she made the mistake of allowing her child to go to a neighborhood park. The police told the woman her child was unsupervised. She was arrested and charged with child neglect, a felony.

The seven year old, Dominic Guerrisi, was spotted walking along unaccompanied by two pool lifeguards. The snitches demanded the child tell them where his mother was.

"They asked me a couple questions and I got scared so I ran off to the park and they called the cops," said Dominic Guerrisi.

The police found the boy in a local park and took him home. His mother was confronted and then arrested. The police told her "numerous sex offenders reside in the vicinity” and children need to be supervised.

"He just basically kept going over that there’s pedophiles and this and that and basically the park wasn’t safe and he shouldn’t be there alone," the mother, Nicole Gainey, told a West Palm Beach television news station.

"My own bondsman said my parents would have been in jail every day,” she added.

Gainey said she plans to fight the felony charge.

The St. Lucie County State Attorney’s office told the NBC affiliate there is no law regulating how old a child has to be before he or she can go unsupervised to a public park. Felony charges are arbitrary and done on a case-by-case basis.

The case is not unusual. Parents are routinely arrested and children traumatized by the state. The Florida case mirrors one earlier this month in South Carolina where a woman was arrested and her child taken into custody by the Department of Social Services after the child was discovered playing in a park.

In 2012 a mother was arrested for the crime of allowing her kids to play outside. In Chicago earlier this year a child was arrested and suspended from school for throwing a snowball. Last year in Philadelphia an elementary school student was searched in front of classmates and threatened with arrest after she mistakenly brought a “paper gun” to school

Numerous cases over the last few years demonstrate the sad fact we no longer live in a free society but instead a nanny state where behavior once considered normal is now deemed criminal.

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