Florida Atlantic University fired a professor who said the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that left 26 dead was a hoax and publicly argued with a victim’s parents.

James Tracy, a tenured associate professor of communications at the school in South Florida, was fired for insubordination and circumvention of FAU policies.University officials said Tracy failed for three years to submit a required “Report of Outside Employment or Professional Activity Form.” When he did submit one in mid-December, he did not list his personal blog, Memory Hole, and other associated blogs.

Tracy will be allowed to work until Friday. He was scheduled to teach three classes this semester and those classes have been assigned to other professors. Tracy was notified of his discipline Dec. 16.

“You publicly engage in external personal activity that requires your time and effort,” school officials said. “It is for the administration to decide, with your input, if a conflict exists, and how to manage a conflict where necessary. You have repeatedly and willfully failed to provide the administration the information it needs to discharge its responsibilities.”

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