May 6, 2009

The NAFI (North American Forum on Integration) website has announced the suspension of a globalist confab in Mexico due to the contrived “swine” flu pandemic in Mexico.

[efoods]”The ITESM Campus Queretaro, co-organizer of the 2009 Triumvirate, has just suspended all campus activities until May 6th, at which point the situation will be reevaluated,” writes Christine Fréchette, Executive Director, NAFI, on the organization’s website.

“The North American Forum on Integration (NAFI) is a non-profit organization based in Montreal. NAFI, created in 2002, aims to address the issues raised by North American integration as well as identify new ideas and strategies to reinforce the North American region,” explains the website.

NAFI has sponsored a North American mock parliament, called the Triumvirate, designed to inculcate Canadian, American and Mexican university students in the so-called “North American dynamic as well as the challenges faced by NAFTA partners.”

NAFI hopes a “trilateral dialogue” will educate “decision-makers” and academics on “the challenges posed by integration between the three NAFTA countries.”

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