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September 3, 2010


All things relative and the timing of things shouldn’t go un-noticed.  Some things just can’t be dismissed as coincidence because not everyone was born yesterday – some were born the day before…

On August 28th, an almost overlooked article by Karen Shideler of  The Wichita Eagle was caught by one of our fellow activists and forwarded to me, covering a meeting by the Visioneering Health Alliance, here in Wichita.  Consisting of about a hundred members chiming in on issues such as, “…obesity and diabetes, mental health, oral health, and health disparities”, near its conclusion the author quotes a number of participants seeking a renewed call for fluoridating (i.e. sedating) the citizens of Wichita under the guise of oral health.

‘Instant Recess’ Among Ideas for Healthy City

~ “Participants ran out of time before they could share ideas about improving oral health, but not before the issue of fluoridation came up. It has been contentious in the past.  Wichita is the only city of its size to not fluoridate its water”, leaders and participants noted, and H. David Wilson, dean of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, turned to City Council member Janet Miller to ask why. “The votes to do so aren’t there”, she said.

This immediately follows our recent anti-fluoride posters blitz throughout the area, and subsequent reaction from our city’s Water Director and other public servants.

Dr. Wilson could be among the next ones we choose to call-out out in public, among other members of the Visioneering Health Alliance and Wichita City Council – if they choose to persist.

To his credit, it’s uncertain from his quote on whether or not he advocates the deliberate poisoning of our water (like so many other cities in our state already are), or simply inquiring as to why it’s not being done here – with the familiar gang mentality of, “Well, if everyone else is doing it, why aren’t we?”

Sheep in Human Clothing: Scientists Reveal Our Flock Mentality

A recent article on Infowars by Ryan Banister entitled, “Fluoride is a Poison” cites an as example of such flock mentality in San Jose, California, whose public-servants are making the same argument:

The group’s chief argument is that San Jose, California is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the nation to not have a fluoridated water supply. There is a false dilemma here in saying that somehow because many other metropolitan cities have fluoridated water that this is reason enough to bring it to San Jose.”

Those who would deceive you will forever leverage this psychology, while manufacturing a perceived public approval for their own agenda. On an individual level, media and establishment talking-heads work to make you feel marginalized and outnumbered by an overwhelming majority, when in fact those in opposition to a given matter are the majority. True common-ground with others is found by face-to-face communication and not adhering to political correctness as defined by the very ones working to enslave us. Don’t believe just anything you get from a lab-coat or otherwise official sounding figure, regardless of their indoctrination level.

No, I didn’t mean to say education level…

Indoctrination vs. Education by Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D.

~ “Public consent to fluoridation is invariably manufactured by advocates with public funds. Informed consent on a community-wide level is not possible when politics masquerade as science. A campaign of indoctrination is the tool and tactic of spin-doctors, not of responsible community leaders.”

Dr. Wilson’s obvious malfunction hasn’t gone unanswered, nor has he gone unopposed by everyone so qualified (or more so), at the University of Kansas. An esteemed colleague of Dr. Wilson, Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler, animatedly opposes any perceived health benefit in his own work and in his comments concerning the book, The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson:

The Fluoride Deception presents a scorching indictment of how researchers and health care officials working closely with government agencies, big industry, and their attorneys have allowed themselves to surrender their responsibility for the medical well-being of their fellow citizens.”

~ Dr. Albert W. Burgstahler, former president of the International Society for Fluoride Research and Emeritus Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Kansas

As documented in a previous article, Wichita public servants outwardly deny the fluoridation of our water here in Wichita, their own Water Poisoning Report documents otherwise:


The same can be said for our neighboring cities.  Witness the deception. In spite of the decline in American vocabularies, the word additive is still understood to be a deliberate action. Furthermore, ‘fluoride’ by itself continues to be used as a singular term, in order to conceal the deadly toxins under one banner for plausible deniable. Little or no mention is made of calcium fluoride, occurring naturally as the mineral fluorite. This is how the public is made to be hoodwinked.

City of Wichita Public Works/Water Director Chris Carrier states on record, “I think we’re real proud of the quality of water that we have, that water is tested several times a day.” He goes on to state that, “We don’t put any fluoride in the water at all in Wichita, we never have and we never will.” Fast-forward to 1:12…

Crashing Through the Lies and Disinformation

In reaction to my open letter to the City of Wellington, and my personal delivery of several hundred Poison in the Tap Water posters to one of our most heavily sedated communities, Wellington’s local newspaper responded with the following article on August 26th, in which their elected leaders continue to regurgitate the usual lies and pre-canned responses.

Water is Safe, Wellington ‘Officials’ Say…

“Shhhh, it was only a bad dream. Hush little slave, just go back to sleep…”

Take your pills, take your shots, don’t ask provocative questions and just continue sucking your thumbs as you soak up that Faux News/Glenn Bunk special you take as gospel – following that aspartame-sweetened, fluoride-laced Kool-Aid to wash down your GMO TV dinner…

Not only is the City of Wellington openly fluoridating its water supply and continuing to advocate it in the name of dental health – they’ve been caught lying by their own admission, concerning the type of fluoridation being done and the chemical being used.  In the article, City Manager Gus Collins issues his standard textbook response in stating:

“The City of Wellington has been adding sodium fluoride to the water system since 1994 and so far, nothing dangerous has been linked to the additive. The maximum contaminate level for fluoride is 4 mg/L. We have consistently tested at 2 mg/L. The addition of fluoride is standard practice for municipalities or entities that supply water to its residents. Is it absolutely necessary, no … but it’s absolutely safe and we will continue to look into it…”

So, exactly who gets to decide what level of a known poison can be considered safe or therapeutic?  NO ONE has the right to forcibly medicate anyone, most certainly not entire populations in the name of dental health, with the true intention being to dull the ‘teeth’ of the freedom movement in this nation and make its population more docile, with the added ‘benefits’ of reducing fertility and padded the pockets of the medical-industrial complex and big pharma.

Up is down and down is up. The words Danger, Toxic by Ingestion, Target Organs and other explicit warnings are taken to mean that it’s “absolutely safe” for the human to consume in ‘therapeutic levels’.

Because they simply tell you it is so. And a picture isn’t worth a thousand words against those from a complicit operative, or just useful idiot for the New World Order…

City Manager Gus Collins also refers to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment’s frequent testing of their water;  a number of eugenics roles from this agency now being championed by former Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius – advocate for ObamaCare and now Health and Eugenics Services Secretary for the Barry Soetoro White House.

Hitler agreed, it has a very therapeutic effect (outside looking in).  After all, it effectively served to make his prisoners more docile, less combative and reduced their overall cognitive abilities very well.

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century.” ~ Robert Carlton, Ph.D, former EPA scientist

While sodium fluoride in itself is dangerous enough (a chemical waste product of the aluminum industry and other manufacturing processes), Wellington’s very own Water Poisoning Report proves in written admission – that it’s not the granular form of sodium fluoride powder that they are adding, but a more dangerous liquid poison from rock fertilizer known as hydrofluosilicic acid (see blue highlighted text):


Behold the package labels for Wellington’s slow, chemical lobotomy:



Patents on Fluoride Rat Poison & Insecticides


The pervasive disinformation that implies somehow sodium fluoride is akin to a nutritional supplement is also championed by Kyle McIntosh of Erickson and Gill Dentistry in Wellington, KS.

In his open admission, he admits to sodium fluoride being a drug when he states:

any drug like sodium fluoride can be dangerous”, and goes on to say that, “all drugs are poisonous, but at the right level they have a therapeutic effect.”

He also states:

“When I was in pharmacology class, at the very beginning and it talks about drugs, the very first thing in the chapter it says, ‘All drugs are poisonous, but at the right level they have a therapeutic effect’ – so anytime you have too much concentration of fluoride… it can be very toxic. I haven’t heard of anybody dying from it, and they have been putting fluoride in the water since the 1940s and 50s and there hasn’t been entire towns dying from fluoride or having cancers.”

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t
  • {openx:49}

So there you have it, another open admission of forced medication of the general public under the guise of oral health – a not unfamiliar theme. He goes on to say that, “People need to know the facts before they fall for myths about fluoride additives’, and that “There are more important health issues to worry about.”

Well sir, there are indeed many health issues to worry about, but how dare you downplay the significance of such an important issue as force-medicating the public? Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.

While cynically laughing about a very serious matter, he goes on to state that:

I’ve been drinking Wellington water for 15 years now and I’m still here, the only thing I have to worry about is my cholesterol.  They worry about fluoride in the water, but do they worry about the health of the lower socio-economic population, what’s their solution for that?”

Commonly, so-called professionals will emphasis the importance of other issues in mid-sentence when confronted and in an effort to deflect attention from the issue at hand – particularly when it threatens their own evil gospel or prolonged psychological investment in this fraud.

‘Benefits’ and Dangers of Water Fluoridation a Contentious Issue Nationwide

“A lot of dentists change their minds about fluoridation when they read about the potential harm but are then afraid to speak out against the mainstream in their profession…”

~ Hardy Limeback, head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto and dentist of more than 27 years.

Even before since early August when Infowars first put out the call for a national poster-campaign against fluoride, the effectiveness of boots-on-the-ground could not be denied.  There’s no substitute for interacting in the psychical world with your fellow man.

In illustrating how soft we have become, Alex Jones once observed just how times have changed insofar as face-to-face interact is concerned. As when we used to drive through our neighborhood streets, receiving a friendly wave by someone watering their lawn, barbecue’s in the back yards, people interacting, children playing in the streets – as opposed to that warm, blue-glow of our television programming sets as seen from the corner of window shades of homes while passing by… When our children’s vocabularies weren’t reduced to just a few shorthand, non-words during the course of normal conversation and weren’t texting each other from across a room, without even always uttering a sound…

Unplug The Signal and get to know your neighbors – warn your fellow humans.  Dozens if not hundreds of posters can be placed by one person – one poster can reach hundreds.

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As stated early on, the objective of this campaignis to rally public inquiry. You cannot hope to make changes in the world at large, if you’re unwilling to speak the truth and work on the problems in your own backyard.  One person mustn’t have the single, solitary silver bullet – the more people one can awaken, the more solutions will manifest from the collective humans realizing their potential – to make a difference.

Nathan Janes of has effectively explained the reality of mass mind-control in the following video:

Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised


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