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Foot and Mouth

Millions of Lambs Face Slaughter

UK: Farmers 'Infecting Livestock to Claim Compensation'
London Telegraph

UK Army Faces Call-up for Slaughter of 2m Surplus Lambs
London Telegraph

Blair Secretly Scraps Clean-up of Virus Farms
London Telegraph

Revealed: the Needless Slaughter of 2M Animals
Top Government adviser speaks out on cull: 'Common sense totally suspended' : Ministers alerted to wrong policy in March

Just as Alex Said Many Times on Air, the Foot and Mouth Crisis Is Being Used by the EU to Destroy UK Sovereignty and Force Them into "Sustainable Development," i.e. Feudalism
'Use outbreak to cut sheep numbers'

Foot-and-Mouth Virus 'Could Be Future Weapon'

Venezuela Confirms Foot-And-Mouth

EU: Foot and Mouth Under Control

Farm Disease Cluster Sparks Alerts

Farmers Warn of New Foot-and-Mouth Hot Spot

UK Army 'Caused Original Foot and Mouth Infection'
London Telegraph

Briton Swallowed Carcass Fluid

Fears of More Human Foot-and-Mouth

Human 'May Have Foot-and-Mouth'

Whitman: Foot-Mouth Disease Could Spread to US

Vets in Revolt over 'Needless Slaughter'
London Times

US: Better Foot-And-Mouth Vaccine Years Away

Cases of Foot and Mouth Disease in Humans

From the UK: They Admit the Foot and Mouth Virus Was Stolen from the Porton Down Laboratory (the Same Lab Where They Manufacture Race-Specific Viruses to Kill People)
Line One News

And Now...FEMA Warns: Foot and Mouth is Probable in the US
USA Today

State Legislature to Allow Searching of Cars, People without Warrants
NC bureaucrats given authority to kill animals without owner’s consent, Constitution suspended





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