An Idaho State policeman forced a woman to have sex in his squad car in a police parking lot and told her he would “ruin her life” and arrest her if she told anyone, she claims in Federal Court.

Officer Ryan Blackhawk’s sexual assault was the culmination of a series of outrages, in which he told her to “show the judge some nipple” to duck federal charges, sent her “sexually charged and suggestive” texts, told her “he ‘had a lot of ties’ and could help her,” even as he was testifying about her to a grand jury, the woman claims in her lawsuit.

Ashlyn Moreno sued Idaho, the Idaho State Police, and police Officers Ryan Blackhawk and Paul Olsen, on eight counts, on Aug. 26.

Moreno claims that defendant Olsen installed a GPS tracking device on a Chevrolet Blazer in Pocatello in 2013. She says she a friend named Casper loaned her his car, yet police bugged it to look for a different man.

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