He describes himself as “the only CIA officer in history to publicly expose government illegal activity and cover up, [and] stand up against the state secrets privilege at great personal risk.” In 2012, he wrote an exposé on the CIA’s abuse of government secrecy called “From the Company of Shadows.” (A preview can be read on Scribd.)

Kevin Shipp held several positions in the CIA and had top security clearance. Since leaving the CIA, he has become a whistleblower about the corruption he saw there and in other intelligence agencies.

According to a 2011 New York Times story, Shipp sued the CIA over the dangerous conditions of the housing the agency gave him and his family. After he moved to a new job at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, he felt the agency was surveilling his family and harassing him in other ways.

And he believes the Deep State is attempting a secret coup to take down President Trump. He believes that coup is treason. He made that claim and others in a recent interview with Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog.

Indictments coming
Shipp thinks indictments will be coming down, maybe as soon as this year – a civil war that has been brewing for over 60 years. One side is composed of the “dark left,” the shadow government – the FBI, CIA and the NSA – the DNC and members of Congress. He believes a Marxist movement controls the DNC. Progressive goals are Marxist goals.

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