Kurt Nimmo
July 25, 2010

According to Michael Hayden, a CIA boss under George W. Bush, Iran’s not having a nuke is just as dangerous as it having one.

Killing Iranians now “seems inexorable” and may not be the “worst of all possible outcomes,” according to Hayden.

Hayden predicted Iran plans to “get itself to that step right below a nuclear weapon, that permanent breakout stage, so the needle isn’t quite in the red for the international community.” Hayden said that reaching even that level would be “as destabilizing to the region as actually having a weapon” and it will result in an attack by the U.S., Israel, or both.

Killing Iranians now “seems inexorable” and may not be the worst of all possible outcomes,” according to Hayden.

Meanwhile, Iran’s leadership remains steeped in denial. Iran’s ISNA news agency quoted an aide to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday saying that Israel and the United States would never strike Iran, saying that “both the U.S. and Zionist regime face internal problems and they know that we make many troubles for them if they attack Iranian territory.”

Despite the rhetoric, Iran appears ready to respond in the event of an attack

Yahya Rahim Safav told Iran’s ISNA news agency that Iran’s armed forces were “fully prepared and enemies are aware of that, they do not have the power to take a political decision on the issue, because they know they can start the war but are not able to finish it.”

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Mohammad-Ali Ja’fari, commander of the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guards, said the United States would not dare to attack Iran as it is fully aware of Iran’s defense power and its nation’s determination, according to Haaretz in Israel.

Ja’fari said that he considered his forces’ preparedness as being at their “highest level,” adding that recent sanctions imposed on Iran would have no impact on Iran’s ability to respond to an attack.

In addition, a former naval chief in the Revolutionary Guard said Iran has set aside 100 military vessels to confront each U.S. warship that poses a threat. The Revolutionary Guard is in charge of defending the country’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf. General Morteza Saffari said Saturday that troops aboard U.S. warships “are morsels for Iran to target in the event of any American threat against Iran.”

“Over recent days, warnings about imminent war and direct calls for war have been proliferating in the world media,” Webster G. Tarpley wrote last week, citing warnings issued by former communist leader Fidel Castro and Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Tarpley also cited an editorial penned by former Senator Chuck Robb and former NATO deputy commander General Charles Wald calling for the U.S. to begin preparing an attack. “We cannot afford to wait indefinitely to determine the effectiveness of diplomacy and sanctions. Sanctions can be effective only if coupled with open preparation for the military option as a last resort,” Robb and Wald wrote.

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