A former law enforcement officer was arrested, denied medical aid and had his cameras stolen after staging an anti-TSA protest on public property in Jacksonville earlier this week.

Michale Hoffman, who worked for two-and-a-half years at Wicomico County Department of Corrections in Maryland, staged the protest half a mile away from Jacksonville International Airport on the side of a public highway, holding signs which read, “Police State,” “Liars Investigating Liars,” “F**K THE TSA,” and “IRS = Terrorist.”

Hoffman was soon approached by a Jacksonville Aviation Authority police officer, who told him he was “being trespassed” off the property, despite the fact that he was on public property. Five SUVs, including two that looked similar to SWAT vehicles, then arrived and Hoffman was arrested by a total of six officers.

“I have a right to stand there and hold signs,” said Hoffman. “I’ve done this hundreds of times as an investigator.”

“Not only was Hoffman arrested, handcuffed for three-and-a-half hours without access to water, a bathroom, or medical help (Hoffman is diabetic) and charged with trespassing, but the police also illegally confiscated Hoffman’s three cameras as “evidence,” did not give Hoffman a receipt for the cameras and now claim there were no cameras,” writes Andrew Myer.

Hoffman’s lawyer has promised to file a complaint for armed robbery against the JAA if the department does not comply with a written demand to return the cameras.

Hoffman had conducted numerous protests before against the TSA and was also harassed by police for attmepting to educate people about jury nullification outside a courthouse. He has proven to be a thorn in the side of local law enforcment, having uncovered NSA documents which proved the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was using a ‘Stingray’ device that was illegally monitoring cell phone information within its radius.

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