Autopsies were routinely requested by the sheriff’s dept. that handled the death of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, a former deputy told Infowars reporter Joe Biggs.

Former Presidio Co. Deputy Caesar Melendez described Sheriff Danny Dominguez’s handling of the Scalia case – particularly the lack of an autopsy – as “very irregular” because they normally required autopsies on dead illegals found on nearby ranches.

“I don’t know the circumstances for the person passing away and we need to know exactly what happened,” Melendez said about the last autopsy he requested, a dead illegal found in a field.

He also said he would have ordered an autopsy on Scalia because that’s what the department normally did as standard operating procedure.

“I would have quarantined the area, gathered the bed sheets, pillows and everything that was there as evidence to get sent off to a lab for testing,” he continued. “I would have requested the judge to give me an autopsy.”

Interestingly, Melendez is now running for office against Dominguez for what he’s described as departmental corruption going on well before the death of Scalia on Feb. 13.

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