and the alternative media have repeatedly pointed out the indisputable fact the Islamic State is a creation of the United States.

In May declassified US Defense Intelligence Agency documents from 2012 revealed the United States and its partners in the Gulf states and Turkey supported the Islamic State and planned to establish a Salafist principality in Syria.

In September General Thomas McInerney admitted the United States “helped build ISIS” as a result of the Obama administration backing “some of the wrong people” in Syria and also said “weapons from Benghazi (ended) up in the hands of ISIS.”

In 2012 it was discovered that the US, Turkey and Jordan were jointly operating a Special Forces command training base for Syrian rebels out of the Jordanian town of Safawi. According to Aaron Klein of WND, many of the rebels were “future ISIS members.”

Now the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn, has confirmed the conclusion of the DoD document and states it was “a willful decision” by the United States to support ISIS and al-Nusra.

“As Michael Flynn also previously served as director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during a time when its prime global mission was dismantling Al-Qaeda, his honest admission that the White House was in fact arming and bolstering Al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria is especially shocking given his stature,” writes Brad Hoff of the Levant Report.

Earlier this month the Obama administration authorized the use of airstrikes to defend “U.S.-trained Syrian rebels” (ISIS) as they attempt to overthrow the al-Assad government and military.

“While everyone was freaking out over a lion, the Obama White House just declared war on Syria and hardly anyone even noticed,” Paul Joseph Watson wrote for on August 4.

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