Kenneth Gosting, Yosemite activist, dies

COMMENT: The AP reports that Mariposa Sheriff Brian Muller says Ken Gosting’s cause of death was drowning, and that suicide will be listed on the death certificate.

Carl Nolte,
San Francisco Chronicle
March 4, 2010

Kenneth A. Gosting, a community activist in the foothill region near Yosemite and a correspondent for a number of California newspapers, was found dead in a creek near his home in Mariposa County on Sunday.

Mr. Gosting was 63. He had served as an aide to Gov. Jerry Brown, but resigned after 20 months in 1976 in a dispute in the administration over Mr. Gosting’s opposition to an emergency services bill then pending in the Legislature.

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At various times, he served on advisory groups for the Sierra Club and at the time of his death was executive director of Transportation Involves Everyone, an advocacy group.

One of Mr. Gosting’s friends found his house empty, the door ajar and a note inside on Sunday and called the sheriff’s office, and deputies found Mr. Gosting’s body in a nearby creek.


FLASHBACK: More Problems for Jerry Brown as LA Times Reports New Book Examines Mob Ties

Jon Fleischman
Flash Report
Sept. 2, 2006

Jerry Brown has had a very frustrating summer. First, his disingenuous efforts to portray Oakland crime as down when it’s actually been exploding on his watch (homicides up 57% from 1999-2005) were overwhelmed by daily headlines of carnage in the city streets. Yesterday, the Oakland Tribune reported the city now has had more murders this year than all of last year. The aggressive campaign of Senator Chuck Poochigian has been relentlessly pounding on Brown’s (typical) neglect of Oakland as he campaigns full-time for AG while the city is in the grips of what can only be called a public safety crisis. Come to think of it, a public safety crisis is exactly what the Poochigian has accurately labeled the ever-worsening situation in Oakland.


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