Former Huffington Post contributor Tara Dublin asserted Donald Trump Jr.’s wife Vanessa Trump’s hospitalization over white powder found in a letter is actually a cover up for their “coke binge” habit.

“What’s the over/under that it was just her coke dealer dropping off the usual but she did too much and this is a cover story?” Dublin tweeted Monday.

“Because you’d have to be on all the drugs to be married to Uday [Saddam Hussein’s eldest son] and also they’re all lying attention whores happy to cause distractions #VanessaTrump #DonJr.”

Dublin pushed back against overwhelming backlash from her comments soon after.

“You guys, CHILL OUT. Vanessa & Don Jr. have a history of coke abuse. It’s a known thing. I made a dumb Twitter joke. They’re not all gold. I’ll delete it but the Snowflake Dogwhistle has been sounded as a distraction, so just on and pretend this is worse than the Administration.”

Donald Trump Sr. had always been against drugs and alcohol since his brother Fred’s death, and repeatedly instilled those values on his children throughout their upbringing.

“Seven o’clock in the morning, I’m going to school—hugs, kisses, and he used to say a couple things. ‘No smoking, no drinking, no drugs.’ I think a great lesson for any kid,” Trump Jr. said in 2006.

Dublin added she no longer has any affiliation with Huffington Post.

Whatever you say, Dublin.

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