Paul Joseph Watson

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A former lieutenant colonel who almost died from taking a smallpox shot is suing the state of Florida over a law that allows the government to forcibly vaccinate the public in the event of a pandemic.

Carmen Reynolds claims that the vaccinations she was forced to take during her 20-year military career destroyed her body-builder physique and also wrecked her internally, causing excruciating pain and permanently damaging her immune system.

[efoods]The Florida law mandating forcible vaccinations in the event of a public health emergency makes no exceptions for religion objections or health conditions and allows for police force to be used to quarantine individuals who refuse to take the shot, or even forcibly inject them at gunpoint if necessary.

“I refuse to be killed by another vaccine,” stated Reynolds, who is suing Florida’s governor, attorney general and surgeon general over the law.

“I served my country for 22 years not to be told that I am a criminal, a 2nd degree misdemeanor offender because I raised my hand and said this isn’t right. I don’t want toxins in my body because it jeopardizes my health,” Reynolds told ABC 3 News.

At a court hearing in Milton this week, Reynolds was granted a continuance until December 1st to find an attorney, but the Attorney General’s office has filed a notion to dismiss the case, arguing that Reynolds has not been directly affected by the law.

Similar laws are on the books across America and could easily be enforced should the swine flu pandemic return in the form of a deadlier mutation, as officials have been saying is likely to happen.

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