Kurt Nimmo
December 22, 2009

Nathan Myhrvold has an idea he says will save us from the theory of global warming. Myhrvold, a former technology officer for Microsoft, wants to run a hose tethered by balloons up into the stratosphere and pump out sulfur particles to block the sun. Mr. Myhrvold says his scheme will not kick off another ice age. It will only cost about two hundred and fifty million dollars and will not require a global tax or world government.

Sulfur occurs naturally in the environment, Mr. Myhrvold points out, so his balloon and hose scheme would not endanger the environment. The amount he estimates is needed to to do the job is relatively small — less than 1 percent of the sulfur already in the atmosphere.

Mr. Myhrvold’s had another terraforming idea a while back. He said we could prevent hurricanes through a system that would literally mix up the water in the Gulf of Mexico and other areas vulnerable to tropical storms.

“Look, I’d prefer not to do it,” Myhrvold told TechFlash in October. “I’d prefer we weren’t in this pickle, but we seem to be, and our political and diplomatic efforts to get out of the problem so far aren’t getting any traction.”

[efoods]Earlier this year the Obama administration proposed “shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun’s rays,” an idea proposed by the Council On Foreign Relations. Obama’s so-called science adviser (and unabashed eugenicist) John P. Holdren said he is in favor of an “artificial volcano” that would pump sulfur into the atmosphere and block the sun. Despite Holdren’s admission that such measures could have “grave side effects,” he added “we might get desperate enough to want to use it.”

The CFR admits such crackpot ideas are merely a pretext to establish a global carbon tax and ultimately world government. “A CFR geo-engineering meeting summary document from 1999 (PDF pages 12,13,14) also categorically states that the ultimate goal under ‘A technology strategy for global warming’ is the implementation of a global Carbon Tax,” writes Steve Watson. “The memo also pedantically explains how the perceived fear of global warming can be used to sell to Americans what is essentially a tax on air.”

From the CFR document:

While taxing tea pales in comparison to taxing air as a perceived government affront, the clear benefits of a taxation policy to combat global warming might convince even the descendents of our tax-resistant Founding Fathers.

In fact, many “descendents of our tax-resistant Founding Fathers” are up in arms over the CRU revelations and the threat to shut down economies, bankrupt nations, and exacerbate the problems of the third world by implementing draconian policies in the name of global warming. Leaders of third world nations were outraged and walked out of the Copenhagen summit earlier this month when a draft agreement was leaked revealing how “rich nations” (or the elite in control of these nations) planned to use the climate change ruse of consolidate power and sideline the United Nations. The so-called “Danish text” spelled out a scheme to further empower the World Bank and the IMF.

The crackpot theories of Nathan Myhrvold and others associated with Holdren are merely a circus sideshow attraction designed to sell the idea of a worldwide totalitarian government implementing radical social and scientific theories.

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