February 8, 2010

PHILADELPHIA – February 8, 2010 (WPVI) — A former Philadelphia cop faces charges for shooting and killing Bill Panas in their neighborhood.

A grand jury has indicted former Philadelphia police officer Frank Tepper with:

-possession of an instrument of crime
-reckless endangerment

[efoods]Authorities say Tepper shot and killed 21-year-old Bill Panas on November 21st.

In December, the investigation was handed to a grand jury and was officially takenout of the hands of the police department. Instead of being interviewed by detectives, witnesses told their stories under oath in front of a grand jury. The D.A. and Police Commissioner say it was a joint decision. They say it does not reflect any concern that the police would not be capable of fairly investigating serious charges against one of their own.

That was news that Panas’ family welcomed.


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