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August 27, 2013 (page 2 of 2)

Men's 10km sprint biathlon race during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games / via Wikimedia Commons
Men’s 10km sprint biathlon race during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games / via Wikimedia Commons
“If it didn’t hit a nerve with you something is very wrong. And if it didn’t hit a nerve with everyone in this city to see how our constitutional republic is being transformed in so many ways into a tyranny where the rule of law no longer means anything… the right of privacy no longer means anything,” Anderson told the Tribune.

“We have to stand up,” Anderson said to KUTV News last Thursday. “All of Salt Lake City should be out in the streets outraged.”

In his Tribune interview, Anderson went on to describe the unchecked spying as tyrannical. “… [T]he question that goes to the core of what this country is and whether we live under the rule of law or the rule of tyrants,” he said. “…[W]ill people be held criminally accountable, or do we have a two-tiered system of justice where the rich and powerful can skate by.”

“How do people feel about our federal government illegally, with no notice whatsoever, tapping into communications that were absolutely privileged under the law: reporters and their sources; physicians and psychiatrists with their patients; lawyers with their clients. All of that, the government thinks, it can capture because we are the host city of the Olympics?” Anderson asked.

According to the Tribune, Anderson is also upset that “two years after the NSA was spying on all our emails and texts, President [George W.] Bush told the nation that in every instance of surveillance, the government was getting wiretaps because we value the Constitution. He was lying through his teeth.”

He also says the scandal should bar America from hosting the Olympics “With this kind of misconduct by the federal government, I would absolutely oppose the Olympics coming anywhere in the United States unless we were assured that the right of privacy and law were honored by our federal government. This is a total betrayal.”

Anderson says, “If I can find the representation, I will sue everybody who had anything to do with this.”

“We ought to keep in mind Ben Franklin’s admonition that those who would trade their liberties for security deserve neither,” he declared.

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