Former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino says that the identity of the individual responsible for mailing crudely constructed bombs to top Democrats this week may “surprise” people.

“I believe this person is going to be caught expeditiously in the coming days. I believe who it is…. I better not say too much….is going to surprise you. I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people what’s going on behind the scenes with this,” said Bongino, adding that the culprit wanted the devices to be detected.

Bongino also suggested that the individual deliberately designed the bombs not to go off because none of the packages exploded and some were constructed with shoddy plastic piping.

“That’s obviously a very stupid way to do this. What creates the pressure in the blast is constraining the actual explosive powder within a steel encasement – that’s what creates that force, if you just light up a bunch of black powder you just get a poof,” said Bongino.

The former Secret Service agent is now worried about a “tactical shift” to “devices that will go off.”

According to officials, the devices were poorly made and had substantial flaws, “but it’s unclear whether that was intentional or whether they were just badly constructed,” according to reports, suggesting that the terrorist may not have intended to kill anyone.

Federal investigators have zeroed in on Florida as a transit point for some of the packages, including a distribution center in Opa Locka, Florida, “where several of the packages may have passed through.”


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