Former Secret Service agent Gary Byrne testified that Hillary Clinton is “completely incompetent” and behaves like an unstable dictator.

“Watching her with her dictator-like attitude walking around the West Wing of the White House berating people, who can take her seriously?” said Byrne on The Alex Jones Show Monday. “It was a joke.”

“The Hillary Clinton that I know, that I wrote about in my book Crisis of Character, is completely incompetent,” Byrne continued. “And the truth is if people pay attention they’ve also heard that from the Director of the FBI.”

“He either told us she was completely incompetent, or she was just too stupid to understand the security measures that were supposed to be in place.”

Byrne, who had protected the Clintons during Bill’s tenure at the White House, and whose book Hillary tried to blacklist over the summer, explained that Hillary’s erratic and spiteful behavior scared everyone who worked around her.

“The people that are really terrified of her are people that work for her because they know the real Hillary Clinton,” he said. “The real Hillary is cold, distant, she’s a dictator.”

“She literally wants to follow no rules but she wants to evoke these large government policies that have nothing but pages and pages of rules and regulations for the rest of us.”

He said that Hillary also lacks principle because her political compass is artificially guided by polls, so her image is manufactured by her campaign and the media.

“Nobody knows how this woman really feels about anything because everything is poll-driven,” Byrne pointed out. “We see that with this negative attitude towards law enforcement because polls show that in certain demographics in certain cities that plays well.”

“They can’t run her on her own record, because her record is horrendous,” he added. “And they can’t run her on anything she’s done, because everything she’s done has been a disaster.”

Byrne claimed that the concerted efforts between the media and the Clinton Machine to dupe the American people, as shown by John Podesta’s e-mails provided by Wikileaks, reveal Hillary Clinton’s true character.

“They are clearly manipulating everybody for votes,” he said. “The best indictment of Hillary Clinton was actually stated by Barack Obama when he said she would say anything and do nothing.”

Byrne went on to say that, according to his own observations, Bill and Hillary Clinton’s personalities couldn’t be more different.

“That’s why they’re together,” he said. “Because she’s nothing but a power-hungry dysfunctional human being, and he’s this very charming, very friendly, and I hate to say it but he’s a good politician. He could spin manure into gold right in front of you. And she is not.”

When pressed if Hillary would try to steal the election, he only replied, “I think she’s already trying.”

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