Obama has put Kristie Canegallo in charge of making sure he follows through on his healthcare fiasco. See full write-up in WAPO.

WAPO writes:

Unlike many of Obama’s top advisers, who came to their job through the political route, Canegallo started as a civilian Pentagon official on detail to the White House when Obama came into office in 2009. Trained as a credit derivatives analyst at Goldman Sachs & Co., she served as director in the National Security Council’s Defense Policy and Strategy Directorate for two years before becoming senior adviser to McDonough, who was the president’s deputy national security adviser at the time.

Not mentioned here is Canegallo’s post as Director for Defense Transformation, Force Planning and Requirements, Executive Office of the President, Defense Policy, Weapons of Mass Destruction and Arms Control-National Security Staff.

A WMD expert who did numbers at Goldman-Sachs.


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