Jerry Mazza
November 25, 2009

Is it dejavu all over again, just an angry threat, or another step in the ongoing psy-ops storyline of the Hasan/Fort Hood script?

In any case, Army Times reported that “A box of hollow-point bullets and an anonymous note threatening an incident like the one at Fort Hood, Texas, were discovered Thursday at Fort Benning, Ga., sparking a criminal investigation and greater police presence, a witness told Army Times.

Whoever controls Hasan’s drugs has total control over his responses or non-responses.

“According to a witness at the scene, a box of 20 hollow-point shells and a handwritten note were found in the motor pool area between 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion, 29th Infantry, under the 197th Infantry Training Brigade.” FYI, a hollow-point bullet has a pit or hollowed top so it mushrooms out as it enters the target and disrupts more tissue.

The note continued “tell the commanding general to call off all charges or there will be a re-enactment of Fort Hood,’ ” the witness [who found it] told Army Times. He spoke on condition he wouldn’t be identified. After the discovery, he said, military police arrived with dogs, cordoned off a 20-foot perimeter around the box and began dusting for fingerprints and questioning people.” Was the note written and/or put there by angry Muslim soldier, non-Muslim soldiers who knew more than they were supposed to know about what really happened, or by the script-writers who are deepening the plot?

Cutting back to Colonel Hasan, he is still in the ICU at Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC) in San Antonio, Texas. As to his condition, the Washington Post tells us, Fort Hood suspect paralyzed from chest down, lawyer says. “He has no sensation from the nipple area down,” Hasan’s civilian attorney, a former Army Colonel, John P. Galligan said in a telephone interview.

The Post also reports there was a closed-door hearing on Saturday lasting about an hour. A magistrate, strangely enough, ruled “that Hasan be confined until his military trial,” Galligan told the W-P. He added “In the middle of this hearing, he started to nod off and go to sleep… When I’ve spoken with him, he’s coherent, but your ability to have any meaningful exchange with him is limited in time and subject.”

Also, a paralyzed Hasan is going nowhere fast, so why did he need “pre-trial confinement”? Since he is in great pain, whoever controls his drugs has total control over his responses or non-responses. Hasan has been for all practical purposes vegetable-ized. The Post also reported Galligan saying that “Hasan faces greater restrictions on visitors and the military and can transfer him to another hospital or jail.”

MySanAntonio’s article, Restraints on Fort Hood suspect tighten, reports “where Hasan might be moved — or when — remained a mystery after the hearing… Galligan addressed reporters outside the gates of Fort Sam Houston, where BAMC is located, because the Army did not allow media at the hearing and sidestepped a legal challenge from the San Antonio Express-News that sought access for journalists.”

The Post guards actually chased away journalists who approached Galligan’s vehicle after the hearing because half of the car was still within the outer perimeter gate. The Army supplied only vague details of the hearing late Friday after getting media inquiries. It even refused to name the prosecutors.

Galligan said Hasan’s immediate command at Army III Corps, based at Fort Hood, had notified Hasan earlier Friday that it would seek to change his status from restricted patient to pretrial detainee. He said that changes like that bring consequences. Galligan commented that change usually requires a hearing to be held soon after the request. He asked that Hasan’s immediate commander be at the hearing, but the commander was in absentia, a no-show…

[efoods]Galligan suggest limits might be placed on visits to Hasan or might lead to Hasan being moved farther from his lawyers, where it could prove more difficult to get their counsel. He was not clear when Hasan might leave BAMC…. “I’ve asked that the prosecutors delineate those things,” Galligan said. “There were no immediate clear answers.”

Galligan felt that “the command rushed the hearing for no reason, given that Hasan is not likely to go anywhere.” He has said Hasan is still “in severe pain and is paralyzed.” He said earlier that “Hasan had no feeling from his waist down,” but noted Saturday he has “no sensation from his chest down.” Next, what, no feeling from the top of his head to the tip of his toes?

Galligan’s bottom line is that, “All I’m saying is he’s been in the hospital and ICU and I saw no immediate reason to change his status…We think the government asked for pretrial confinement prematurely.” My bottom line: if this is the kind of treatment Hasan can expect, the book of justice has already been thrown in the garbage bin.

Media blitz continues

Meanwhile ABC’s yellow press reported, Officials: Major Hasan Sought ‘War Crimes’ Prosecution of U.S. Soldiers. This piece of jingoistic propaganda claimed Hasan’s superiors “ignored or rebuffed his efforts to open criminal prosecutions of soldiers he claimed had confessed to ‘war crimes’ during psychiatric counseling.” This according to “investigative reports circulated among federal law enforcement officials.” No, he should have been “a good German” and kept the confessions to himself, that is, if this isn’t just some more of the ABC’s character assassination.

Then we have the old Anwar Al Aulaki chestnut pulled out of the fire again with the WP’s Hasan had intensified contact with cleric. “The e-mails were obtained by an FBI-led task force in San Diego between late last year and June but were not forwarded to the military, according to government and congressional sources. Some were sent to the FBI’s Washington field office, triggering an assessment into whether they raised national security concerns, but those intercepted later were not, the sources said.” They didn’t raise security concerns with the FBI. That should be the end of the story. But it goes on…

“Hasan’s contacts with extremist imam Anwar al-Aulaqi began as religious queries but took on a more specific and concrete tone before he moved to Texas, where he allegedly unleashed the Nov. 5 attack that killed 13 people and wounded nearly three dozen, said the sources who were briefed on the e-mails, speaking on the condition of anonymity because the case is sensitive and unfolding. One of those sources said the two discussed in “cryptic and coded exchanges” the transfer of money overseas in ways that would not attract law enforcement attention.” Oh boy, “cryptic and coded exchanges.”

“He [Hasan] clearly became more radicalized toward the end, and was having discussions related to the transfer of money and finances . . .” said the source, who spoke at length in part because he was concerned the public accounting of the events has been incomplete. “It became very clear toward the end of those e-mails he was interested in taking action.” What action? This is a fishing expedition, so if you’d like to read it all and catch nothing, be my guest. What’s more, Aulaki must be a CIA asset because he’s involved with baiting purported terrorists since the 1990’s, as I reported in my last article, U.S. dying to prosecute Hasan.

And there is turncoat Democrat/Republic/Independent/Neocon Joe Lieberman labeling Hasan a terrorist. Also the BBC News reminds us Robert Gates in Killings prompt US Army inquiry demands “A review of US Army and Pentagon policies…ordered by the defence secretary in the wake of a shooting at a military base. The review will include Pentagon medical and personnel programmes, and US military base security. Defence Secretary Robert Gates appointed a former Army secretary and an ex-Navy chief to report in 45 days.”

On and on it goes, as you will see at Citizens for Legitimate Government’s Fort Hood Shooting ‘Oddities.’ 14 pages long, it was compiled by Lori Price. But the bottom line remains a critically-injured, vegetative, lone gunman, with two suspected accomplices (who make a conspiracy) vanished into the night. This, plus threat of retribution from Fort Benning, all amplifying the effect of another strange movie from the not-so-wonderful people who brought you 911’s New Pearl Harbor. We’re almost at Ground Zero one more time, rushing to judgment, skidding on the slick of Hasan-accusations, condemnations, vindications, testimonials for and against his life or death.

Yet, being a Constitutional optimist, I would like to hear and see his defense one day, without any trace of water-boarding or other forms of torture, despite the military’s grasp around his neck from Gage on down. At least sometime before “Benning goes live.” Those empty-points smart.

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