Children rescued from sex abuse are placed right back into it.

Lee Ann McAdoo
August 1, 2013

The FBI raid that rescued 105 sexually exploited children from a sex trafficking ring last weekend has highlighted the vulnerability of foster children.

Credit: simaje via Flickr
Credit: simaje via Flickr

Sixty percent of runaways who are victims of sex trafficking had been in the custody of child protective services.

Many times when children are rescued from sex traffickers they are put right back into the foster care system to repeat the same vicious cycle.

Victims may even recruit other children into the very abuse they had just left.

With the “child protectors” snatching even more children into the system to get more federal funding, there has become a serious shortage of good foster parents to handle the surplus of children, which means the bar has been set really low for people who can qualify to foster.

A 2011 audit of Sacramento Foster Care facilities found the addressees of more than 1000 registered sex offenders matched the addresses of licensed foster-care facilities and homes.

Almost 600 of those offenders were considered high risk.

The report identified a number of factors endangering these children, including a failure to thoroughly and promptly investigate reports of neglect.

Those who are paid to protect children couldn’t care less about their safety so long as the feds come through with the big bucks.

Sex traffickers prey on helpless children who feel abandoned by their families and lost in a system of providers that don’t bother to follow up on reports of neglect.

These are the type of children that are easily groomed for child sex slavery and prostitution.

The demand for child sex trafficking is even greater now that sex-trafficking and pedophila have moved out of isolation and into a worldwide internet-based community of people who share images and techniques.

According to the International Center For Missing And Exploited Children (ICMEC), of the millions of pornographic images on the internet, 10% are of infants and toddlers, while 76% are of pre-pubescent children.

Let that sink in.

Almost 90% of all porn on the internet is of exploited children.

That’s why the Global Center For Women and Justice has said that “human trafficking is far more lucrative than the sale of drugs or arms because the children involved are considered reusable assets.”

The consumers are not who you would suspect, according to the ICMEC, “They are doctors, lawyers, business executives, teachers, coaches and everyone in between. They don’t look evil.”

Indeed, you can still get a government contracted job even if you’re a convicted pimp.

Even though George W. Bush enacted a law banning contractors who buy and sell humans from federal work, zero prosecutions have taken place.

Organized trafficking requires systemic corruption and as the FBI’s sting operation proved, it’s a very sophisticated network operating globally.

A United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Report states that the opportunities for corruption exist in a chain that includes police, customs agents, intelligence/security forces, local officials, persons with influence on public officials and the list goes on and on.

These people aid in the criminal activity by not only ignoring it but also by actively obstructing an investigation and helping to organize the trafficking process.

PressTV reports that rogue elements of police and intelligence services, as well as organized crime outfits, use blackmail as a means of control.

They employ child prostitution rings to obtain blackmail material on politicians, judges, military and intelligence officers, and other key power-brokers.

Consider the case of Craig Spence, a Republican powerbroker in Washington who according to the Washington Times was implicated with a call-boy ring that supplied young boys to the Washington Elite of both political parties.

Spence’s mansion was found to be overflowing with surveillance equipment, including hidden cameras, microphones and an abundance of two-way mirrors.

The Washington Times further alleged that the ring was part of a CIA sexual blackmail operation, gathering compromising evidence on Washington politicos and foreign dignitaries.

“The Finders” is another notorious CIA-linked child pimping ring.

After two men were arrested for brutally abusing six children between the ages of three and six, an investigation led police to warehouses in Washington, D.C., where they found evidence of a global child trafficking network as well as proof that large numbers of captive children were being used in blood rituals and sexual orgies.

Barrett writes that Agent Ramon Martinez of the US Customs Service and Detective James Bradley of the Washington, DC police were horrified at what they found. They were even more horrified when their investigation and attempted prosecution of the Finders was called off – by the CIA!

According to Agent Martinez’s report, the case of the Finders was deemed “a CIA internal matter” and all details were “classified secret and not available for review.”

Former CIA Director William Colby told Nebraska State Legislator John DeCamp that the CIA was heavily involved in ritual child abuse.

He informed DeCamp that the abused children were being used in CIA mind-control experiments as well as blackmail projects.

What became known as “The Franklin Scandal” was a nationwide pedophile ring that implicated businessmen, senators, major media corporations, the CIA and the Boys Town organization.

In a 2012 interview with The Ellis County Observer, DeCamp recalls how his investigation into the Franklin Scandal linked him with another high profile pedophile, salacious Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky.

“One of Sandusky’s contacts was here in Omaha,” DeCamp said.

“Somehow those Pennsylvania people knew about it from my book; they said ‘you brought it up in your book.’”

Earlier media reports established Sandusky as the figurehead for a more sinister role of providing children to wealthy and prominent donors.

Sandusky founded The Second Mile in 1977, serving underprivileged and at-risk youth.

It was here that he met his molestation victims.

The world is no doubt a better place after the arrest of 150 low-level sex traffickers, but the FBI must take their investigation all the way to the top and bring down the elite pedophile organizations that continue to be too powerful for prosecution.

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