Editor’s Note: UK security service have bagged this latest bundle of misfits with a list of imaginary targets that included nearly everything imaginable – London Stock Exchange, London Eye, Big Ben, American Embassy – even Mayor Boris Johnson’s house, in a “Mumbai-style” operation. Authorities claim the group were inspired by long-time CIA asset Anwar al- Awlaki, the US-born Islamist cleric from al-Qaida’s Arabian Peninsula franchise. Notice that there is no real terrorism story present here, as the four bomb-plotters in question faced up to 13 years in prison if unsuccessful on a not-guilty plea, but took an out cue from their lawyers by making a last-minute change of plea admitting to the terror plot – still denying a bomb plot with the intention to cause death or injury. Keep an eye on this story and do not be surprised if any of these men were either police informants, or have severe mental health histories.

The Independent
February 1, 2012

The Muslim fundamentalists’ group wanted to send five mail bombs to various targets during the run up to Christmas 2010 and discussed launching a “Mumbai-style” atrocity.

A hand-written target list found at one of the defendant’s homes listed the names and addresses of London Mayor Boris Johnson, two rabbis, the American Embassy and the Stock Exchange.

… The conspiracy involved nine defendants – the London duo, three from Cardiff and four from Stoke – but was stopped by undercover anti-terror police before firm dates could be set for attacks.

The terrorists met because of their membership of various hardcore Islamic groups and stayed in touch over the internet, through mobile phones and at specially arranged meetings – held in parks in a bid to make surveillance difficult.

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